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Tips on Avoiding Common Mistakes in Relationships

We all tend to suppress our feelings and emotions by feeding ourselves with junk sex, junk drugs, junk work and junk whatever. You deserve better. If you want the 'love factor' in your life to have a positive enjoyable balance, there is a unique way for you to express who you are, and what you want.  Just do something different! 

If you are prepared to do something different, good for you! My invitation to you is to do something to change the way you are doing things and start to make things happen for you! Even if it is just a little thing, a behaviour, an approach to situations or people you seem to be attracted to. It will make such a difference!
  • Be honest with yourself and with the other person, no matter what.
  • When you talk from your heart there is always another heart open to listen.
  • Donít blame the other person (our potential partner or current partner) for not being what you want. Donít blame yourself either.
  • Learn to accept how and who you are or you wonít be able to accept the other person. Instead of trying to control or make the other person fit with what you want or you think you want! It is a wonderful thing to welcome and accept the other person for all we can learn from the differences.
  • Avoid making the mistake of thinking or wishing secretly that if you remain patient he or she would eventually change with time. There is no way a bacon cheeseburger will become a leafy salad. Many people fall into this illusion described as HOE  (HUNGER OASIS EFFECT), a syndrome that is known also as emotional starvation.
  • Donít stay in any relationship for the sake of it, or because you feel lonely or you think it is better than nothing! Until you close the door of a situation, another one will not open. 
  • If you hurt the other person, why not apologise and admit you made a mistake. It is better than pretending nothing happened. The best way to move forward is to be honest with yourself and the other person. Donít be afraid of expressing what you feel.

Tips for Men and Women

  • We seem to enter into a relationship with our own edited film under our arm, including the scenes and dialogues he or she must perform for us.
  • We overlook the reality of what is presented to us, because our perception is a projection of what we want to see in the Ďidealí other, whether he or she has those qualities or not.