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Lovers Like Us - The Interactive Playground for people who want to have fulfilling relationships.

Most people love it and other people may feel shy about the word Lovers and what that means.
It means lovers of life, lovers of love.
Are you a Lover of Life?  A Lover of Love?
Then you are safe here. We all want to love and be loved! We can guide you so you can make the most out of it! Be happy in love and make each other happier! Play The Love Game and discover what makes you tick!
Check The Creative Strategy behind Games2Love (a workshop given to College Students in Daet, Philippines about interactivy and communication, where we show how Games2Love became the results from a well formed strategy)


Lovers like Us are people who not only want to experience pleasure in their lives but are genuinely interested in learning about themselves and growing together in partnership.

Lovers Like Us are sensitive to their partner's needs, and feel that the reason to be together is to make each other happy and be fulfilled in a relationship.

If it is not working, don't fix it.
It it can get better, work together to make it happen.
There is no failure only the realisation that we are humans and we can learn from our mistakes.
The only objective of being together is to make each other happier.

Lovers Like Us believe in a mutually satisfactory relationship where trust, honesty and respect to one another are the key components of love in a relationship.

Lovers Like Us have a holistic view of love, they learn to connect their sex with their heart and enjoy more intimacy, more fun, more attraction and more friendship in their lives.

I have developed and tested TRANCE LUDIC HEALING as  a method, in which creating intimacy and communication could be successfully replicated.

1-TRANCE LUDIC HEALING allows people to heal and connect with
each other to create a mutually beneficial relationship, based on shared areas of values and beliefs.
2- TRANCE LUDIC HEALING elevates the frequency of rapport, as it enables people to see through the other personís eyes, listen to what they hear, and feel what they feel.
3- TRANCE LUDIC HEALING brings the Ďinner childí out to play. It encourages people to express and verbalise what they feel and think about each other, in a safe space.
4- TRANCE LUDIC HEALING stretches peoplesí perceptions about relationships, when exploring (through verbal and non-verbal communication) likes, dislikes and projections.