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Case Studies

These are 2 case studies of couples who share
how they benefit from Playing The Love Game.

Paul and Lena

Play Interactive Partners

Paul And Lena met online. He was in UK, she in USA.
They connected because they had similar preferred
communication styles and that got them together in
the first place.

Building their love and relationship profile was fun,
allow them to reconnect and express things they
were to busy to do: going through changes, moving to
USA and applying for visa to get married.

They have a good relationship, and they say The Love
Game,  allowed them to talk and communicate better,
exploring, each other's thoughts and feelings.
What they really wanted from the relationship!
They got even closer, creating more intimacy and
more communication in their lives.

Ali and Hajni

The Love Thermotest

How are the levels of attraction, fun, intimacy & frienship? Ali and Hajni are a couple who have been through changes and crisis like any other couple.
They have come out stronger and closer than before!
Ali moved to Germany to study and Hajni stayed in
London. The Love Game allows them to verbalise
feelings that were not so easy to discuss and
helped them clarify each other's objectives.
Ali is now back in London, studying and Hajni is happy
in her job while learning to speak German.

The Love Game got them talking non-stop
for 2 days, exchanging ideas about what they really
wanted from each other without confrontation.
They focused even more, on growing together
and mutual understanding.