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Before, during
and after Falling in Love

What is in it for you as a member?

Lovers Like Us: Art Installations, coaching, and healing sessions and workshops for individuas and couples. We have made couples get closer and walk in with a friend and walk out with a partner! Over 25.000 men and women, from 16 to 65 years of age, have experienced Lovers Like Us through play and by having fun with The Interactive Bed, The way I see you, Confessional of Love, Interactive Partners, Scents of Seduction, Love Sense, Sensory Connection, Sensory Love Belts and with Erotic Shortcuts for Lovers Like Us.

Soon will be a great TV game show where you can be invited as a member of our Lovers Like Us Club!

You are part of a select group of people who want to play, learn and explore how they can have more fun, more intimacy, more attraction and more friendship in their relationships!
  • Lovers Like Us is a safe space for men and women who want more from a relationship.

  • Lovers Like Us is a unique club where members will be able to register for free, subscribe to benefit from The Love Game, attend unique sensory-dating events, play interactive games and explore love and attraction in a TRANCE LUDIC INTERACTIVE way.

Lovers Like Us is NOW OPEN to exchange ideas and content with you, so we can build together this community of supporting you BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER FALLING IN LOVE. It is key when we are learning to love better to engage with other Lovers Like Us who can share what they have gone through.

We will protect your identity and will not share your details with anyone else, unless you give us permission to share your stories so other people can benefit from.
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Lovers Like Us™ is a registered trademark.

Lovers Like Us is the interactive playground for people interested in love and relationships. A web community for sensitive people who want to have a space to express what they feel about love and to find other people to share it with.

The first 100 members to register will enjoy VIP treatment as part of LOVERS LIKE US Club.