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You can Book a Coaching Session and post any questions to MamaSonga.
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Her only motivation is to share with you the results of her many years of research, and her unique game formats which have been tested in real interactive environments. She has a fantastic partner who also coaches and supports her work. She attracted him through doing each level of The Love Course, applying the tests and games on herself, building 'her and his' love and relationship profiles. She is a living proof of someone who 'walks the talk'.


For both individuals and couples, sessions are face to face or via Skype (for international clients):
This coaching and wellbeing programme includes an initial package of 5 sessions, for real lasting benefits. It is very quick and effective.
It is a like a course with homework and assigments to complete before the next session.
The initial session lasts 11/2 hours, to understand what is needed and then start the healing process.
This coaching and wellbeing programme includes support between sessions via email, at no extra cost.

What to expect?


The session happens in a very relaxed atmosphere over a cup of tea. Usually every 2 weeks. You can contact me via email between sessions to ask questions and share the process. After every session, a summary of next steps will follow via email.


If you are a coming to me as couple, I will see each of you individually for 1 1/2 hours.
The third session will be with you together and it will take 2 1/2 hours. The next 2 sessions I will see you each of you separately.
The format is fun and relaxing. It works at a various levels: Rational, emotional and energetic. I combine a series of techniques tailored to you and your case.
I combine alternative therapies with interactive game formats and shamanic healing.

Once the issue has been cleared or resolved, clients can choose to continue for another 5 sessions to go deeper into what they have achieved or to deal with another issue that is long due.

Katiuska Borges is a also an experienced Executive Coach and trainer on building relationhips at board level.  She models the power to influence with integrity, using communication models and her own tried and tested method 'Strategic Personality Profiling'.

Katiushka Borges can improve your ability to quickly build rapport and influence decision makers to win new business.
We all know that meeting preparation is key to maximise the opportunity to influence a decision maker. To be able to be inside a CEO's head can get you ahead of the competition. Over 200 Strategic Personality Profiles have increased levels of trust and developed effective business relationships at Board level.121 coaching is key on how to use the profiles to give you the competitive advantage you need. These profiles have generated over 30m of new business. As Senior Advisor for Capgemini she was invited to write about this method and why it is so unique.

Recommendations- August 2011:
"Over three decades I've had the privilege of employing literally hundreds of people, few standout like Katiushka. Having employed her a number of times I've always been thoroughly impressed by the insightful nature of her work, her output and the overall levels of professionalism - an easy person to highly recommend"
David Punchard- Partner at Cambiio- Innovation Management (former Owner- Director at Graform)

Kat has the extremely rare ability to bring insight to people and situations that I have never seen in anyone else. She absorbs information from different sources and builds a picture by making connections others miss. The real benefit is that in all my experiences of drawing on Kat's expertise she has always been right and has always added value. Her work in this and other fields is all but unique - she's a very difficult act to replicate. A real asset.
Alan Richell- Owner at Curious Consulting
(former Capgemini Consultant)