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"Creating ‘Floating Forest Oracle’ was a profound spiritual experience: like being guided by invisible forces of nature to do something of meaning for others. I always wanted to create a divination tool; and it manifested through  artists' collaboration with designer Vahakn Matossian, and kindest architect Thomas Lindner, who brought us together. We have created a magical floating journey, which I hope will inspire and heal people's hearts."

Katiushka Borges (aka) Mamasonga

Healing art in the name of love!

Contact the Artist & Wellbeing Healer. Ask Mamasonga!

Katiushka Borges (aka) Mamasonga is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist -Diamond Way-, published author, interactive sensory artist, radio presenter, Love Coach and Wellbeing Healer. She integrates all this knoweldge and 25 years of experience to share and inspire: the art of healing in the name of love!

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, half raised in New York and in UK since 1996, Katiushka is a communication' specialist with MA Interactive Multimedia from University of the Arts, London College of Communication, London. Her major project was an Interactive Bed Installation with a game designed to enhance communication for couples, using the heart as a metaphor. The music was beautifully composed by Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas.

She has been trained and qualified as a coach by The Coaches Institute, certified as NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA), Society of NLP, Vivation® Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Clean Language, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Time Line Therapy, Deep Democracy (Blue Belt), Tibetan Pulsing, and Shamanic healing with Northern Drum, as well as with Elder Shamans from indigenous tribes in Colombia (Cofán), Ecuador (Secoya) and Venezuela (Piaroa).

She has an unusual and thoroughly tested approach to improving and healing communication with self and others. The key is to achieve balance, for most of us can be love and work.
She has developed tested and proven her innovative method: 'Trance Ludic Interaction', which uses sensory stimulation, symbolic interaction, healing and fun in a very effective way. 'What it took me 15 years to identify the unconscious patterns that drives certain behaviours most of us want to change..., it takes my clients 5-6 course sessions".

Games 2 Love is about interactive games in a multisensory environment, to stimulate more fun, verbal and non-verbal communication, closeness and intimacy. Get a taster by playing THE LOVE GAME First level, where you can discover YOUR LOVE SENSE, the temperature of yor relationship with LOVE THERMOTEST, and by playing INTERACTIVE PARTNERS, you can choose which buttons you want to place and press on your partner to activate at will. Sounds like fun. It is a laugh! "Couples who have played, email me telling me how every other week they play with new buttons. It helps me (I do it with my partner) to get even closer and receive what we want from each other to be happier!" Her main motivation is to share with you the results of at least 15 years of practical research, so you can benefit from them. She has a fantastic partner who also coaches and supports her work. She found him through applying her own profiling method and doing the tests on herself, living proof of how she 'walks her talk'. They work together, healing and leading workshops.

Katiushka Borges, as an international interactive sensory artist, has developed love and relationship games which have been tested by 25,000 people across Europe, South America and The Philippines. Not only at Multimedia Art Festivals, but also at Galleries, Public Spaces and Museums of Fine Arts (Caracas, Venezuela) and Victoria & Albert, (London, UK) from 1997-2011.

She won an art commission with Moon Radio TV (2003), where she streamed a live 1 hour radiowebTV show 'Mamasonga -my love coach-' (first time video and animation were streamed like this, when even most people didn't have broadband).  Flash animations, video, games, chat and tarot combined to give love advice whilst the audience interacted with the love coach. She wanted to recreate at another level, the live radio show 'Midnight Seductress' (1994-95) about love and relationships, she wrote and presented with DJ REY mixing live. The radio show successfully helped listeners to love and relate better while they had fun.She is a published author in Spanish, "In the arms of Eros" Erotic Anthology, published by Grijalbo Mondadori (1992), and "Secrets of Seduction for Lovers like us", Published by Grijalbo (1996).  A member of South London Women Artists and a MENTOR for Latinamerican women through LAWRS. Next exhibition at bankside in May 2012.

The team who contributed to the first level on this website
  • Andrea Convalle - Unique Illustrator and designer
  • Olivia Spiteri (Mamasonga illustration)
  • Papachongo
  • Cris Thompson - Programmer
  • Lo Barclay - Art Nouveau Design Style adviser (First phase 2008)
  • Juan Delgado, Cristina Vanza and Marysia Lachowicz- Video support
  • Tom O'Connor - Support and advice