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The Love Game- Level 6

Open to Give & Receive

Remember, you donít give, in order to receive but you always check the quality of w

hat you are receiving. If you give up your needs to accommodate his/hers in the beginning , your needs will never be accommodated.

A relationship is not about what you can get from the other person; it is about what you both can give and receive. So if you come to this relationship 'to take or just to give', you are doomed from the start.

How do you ask for what you want?

Playing Interactive Partners is an effective way of setting things back to the balance and flow of giving and receiving!

Sometimes we donít know how to receive and therefore we really wouldn't know how to give.


Which one relates to you?
1.    I tend to give what I want to receive rather than giving what the other person needs.

2.    I am better at taking than giving.

3.    I should learn to receive instead of giving to people who donít give me anything in return.