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The Love Game - Level 4

Experience Rituals of Orgasm and Sensuality


When you are ready to enjoy other levels of sensual pleasure and interconnectedness, you are ready to play and explore and feel closer to your lover.
If you donít know what gives you pleasure, how could you expect someone else to give it to you?

*Why some men are still virgins and why some women donít go beyond losing their virginity?

If you can delete from your life those fixed ideas and beliefs that can prevent you from enjoying the unique experience of connecting your sex with your heartÖ

Just do it and you will be among the few selected group of lovers to go beyond the shum-shum-shum.


Did you kno
w that the energy from your 'Centre of Balance', 'Will' or 'Hara', placed 4 fingers below the navel, has the power to connect both of you at sensory levels?

If you want come for a session as a couple, this is part of what you will experience.