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The Love Game - Level 3

Identify What Makes you Tick

Practical and insightful exercises to discover hidden aspects about yourself and the other person you are with. You can create an emotional ground for more intimacy and pleasure.

If you are not with someone, and you want to approach a new relationship clear of emotional baggage, this will help you even up any 'dents' on your body, heart and mind.

Many of our patterns of behaviour come from what we learn from our parents and other adult figures while growing up. I pictured this image of us being made of plasticine.
Whatever shapes us leaves a visible or invisible mark in our consciousness, and on our bodies.

From these imprinted memories, we relate to others. Sad or happy events shape how we relate, whether it is a nice reference or just a poked finger in that soft spot of our body. If it left a sense of pain or a feeling of pleasure, it is a mark embedded in our heart, mind and body.

Are there any 'dents' on your mind, body and heart that you want to even up?