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The Love Game - Level 2 

The Six Steps of Falling in Love

Explore how we all fall in love and how to overcome expectations and avoid frustrations.

One day we feel everything is ok with that person and suddenly everything seems to fall apart.

We all go through the hormonal cycle of Falling in love many times in our lives.

Remember how your heart felt ?

We are attracted, hooked and then, we want the other person to perform to our expectations.

When he or she doesnít fit with the ideal picture we want, we feel disappointed and we think we have failed again in finding the right partner.

Then, we suffer, and it is now finished. He or she was not the right one, was like this or like that and had this and that. We finally recover, from this attempt and try again!

Well, itís always the same story!

It not only happens every time we change partners but also in long term relationships!
It is a cycle we all go through and we keep going through. It is the nature of how we love and relate.

That is why we need to fall in love again and again with our partner if we have one!
Ignite more passion and feel closer as when you first met! It is easier than you think. I can help you!
I have done it myself and it works!

Do you know in which of the 6 steps are you now?

Book a session to fall in love again.

Either with the same person you are now or the one you deserve to be happy with!