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It is very easy, it will take 5 to 10 minutes to build your love and relationship profile. The key to open that door is communication. The rest will follow...There are no rights or wrongs, make this love game your own space! If you want support, book a session and I will facilitate this process for you!

You will experience 'the before and after effect'.
You, like me, have busy lives and it seems there is never enough time to create that space to recreate what got us together in the first place!
We can wake up every morning and go to work without being aware that we have another person breathing next to us, who requires our love and attention. That person who keeps us warm in the winter and who we can cuddle up in bed whenever we want to.

  • Are we receiving from that person what we need?
  • Are we giving to that person what he or she needs?                                                                    
"Remember the time were you first met that person, what attracted you from him or her. Take the time to relive those memories…bring them back to front of mind and feel what she or he made you feel, there and then. Listen to that music or those words. What made your heart beat faster? In which way you touched each other that made your partner respond and melt in each other’s arms like chocolate fondue? You can do it again and fall in love with the same person over and over again! Now, you are ready to test the temperature of your love. Please go and explore, start for free with Level 1 of The Love Game online for you to play- The Love and Relationship Profile

"I discovered that the key of a successful life is about balance, and when we are living without balance, we are not really fulfilled."