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Love as a game is a metaphor which relates to excitement; sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose.

Now it is time for a 2 way win!

The first level you can play online to discover which is your preferred communication style! Are you compatible? How do you express yourself? What is your LOVE SENSE?

Play The Love Game

Test to see if you are really getting the best out of your relationship, explore how you can enjoy it more and make it work better for you both. Love is about making each other happy and happier, and MamaSonga can show you how to do it!

In the tests and games, there are no rights or wrongs. You can find your own way at your own pace. It is about your relationships and how you feel. You are the only one who knows what your heart desires. I can help you receive and get what you have been waited for: To love and be loved. To Well-Be instead of just To Be!

The Results 

  • Will make you feel closer.
  • Will allow you to communicate with each other like never before.
  • Will help you verbalise what you always wanted to say to the other person and couldn't find the words to express it (without hurting feelings or creating an argument).