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TRANCE LUDIC HEALING: Effective, fun and quick method to love and be loved in a good way.

PLAY THE LOVE GAME FOR FREE (log in to play with your partner)

If you want to heal your fears and have a HAPPIER relationship IN 6 SESSIONS, this is for you.  Save 65 pounds in a course of 6 sessions if you book NOW. 4 individual sessions and 2 sessions with your partner are needed to improve your relationship. Experience BEFORE and AFTER in only 3 sessions.

Reclaim your Masculine or Feminine Power to Stop kissing frogs or Love happily ever after
, this method is for you. TESTED and PROVEN to be an easy and effective way to break old patterns and change your life for the better!
Heal to feel empowered with TRANCE LUDIC HEALING method, in 6 sessions. ORACLE READINGS AT HOSPITAL CLUB in COVENT GARDEN:ORACLE sessions for only £20 for 30 minutes and £40 pounds for 60 min. Experience its healing power and guidance for your life.
Ask for yourself and for loved ones!
Email me to book a session in the coolest club in London!

Healing sessions in person and via Skype.
Book now for course of 6 sessions, pay 5.
Wouldn't be great to feel loved and be balanced?

Couples playing 'The Love Game' & 'Sensory Connection', Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Check for more art, exhibitions and technology events, where people have improved love and relationships.

In order to switch the mind off and activate the heart, participants connected their centres of balance to SENSORY LOVE BELTS, and let their body communicate at another level (while havung fun).

Now FLOATING FOREST ORACLE is available LIMITED EDITION to take home with you. This Oracle is for you to consult for guidance and to help you clarify decisions. It can provide you with inspiration and answers to a question that keeps playing on your mind. Choose the one you like, each is unique! Have a reading to experience it! (Photo Nadiia Titova, at B.Hive event to raise funds for women in Ethiopia) LAUNCHING EVENT AT BHIVE ON 25th July from 3-6 pm with Lynne Franks

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Coaching sessions and workshops for women, men and Circles for Couples: Book here, or ask more info about Healing sessions in person and via Skype.

People easily reconnect with what they really want from their life and relationship! Whether you want to break up in the best possible way or get closer to be happier! Take a practical toolkit home to change your life in a good way!
Consultation included in the sessions.

It is time to Well-Be, instead of just Be.

1- TEA FOR TWO- Book the course of 6 sessions to heal any aspect of your life and relationship. In a safe space for sharing thoughts and feelings. This is a personalised course on how to love and be loved in a good way!  Have a lovely cup of tea with me and let's change what doesn't make you happy anymore!

S 2 LOVE- Attend fun and interactive workshops at Health Spas, where you like other couples easily communicate and get closer. In a relaxing space you connect with each other's heart!
“We liked absolutely everything. We initially came because we felt attracted to learn, to make it better and keep our relationship happier.” Jean Pierre and Maria                                                                                             
“We all have to change something  to make our relationship happier. The experience is really fun. Excellent workshop.” Eduardo and Glenda!

If you are single, focus on what you really want from a relationship, invite someone to play with you. If you are dating, it will help you to identify early on if you are a good match. If you are still unsure and want to break old patterns of relating...

Ask Mamasonga !

If you are in a relationship,  do it on your own first, and then invite your partner to play. You can look at your love and relationship profiles together in a provate space. If you want to know more about falling in love again with your partner...

Ask Mamasonga !

Be Part of a pilot for a TV Show in your own home - email for more details!